digital channels

digital marketing is an ever-evolving field where it is nice to have a partner who is specialised in the field 

There are more than 200 portals where you can list your programmes to recruit more students. Furthermore, there is a similar amount of providers offering tailored email lists. Not to forget the countless social media channels and their speed with which they appear, die, re-appear or offer
own new marketing options.

how does digital marketing affect my SEO?

If you think it is hard to keep track and know where to invest best, we have good news: you are not alone. And why is that good news? Because it means there are other marketers sharing your situation who perhaps have found a solution.

The bad news is: there is no silver bullet. To match your specific situation with the multiple digital marketing options for universities or schools out there requires a certain effort. The effort can be reduced drastically if you track the results of all your activities and therefore know which channels/tools have worked for you in the past.

It can even be reduced further if you let us bring in our expertise in the field. As we know those 200 portals and their USPs, the social media channels and even better, have assessed the outcomes of marketing efforts for over 50 institutions.

our experience allows us to improve your digital marketing efforts by 10-50%!

If you are looking for answers to any
of the questions below, get in contact with us today!

  • How can I determine the ROI of my digital marketing?
  • How can I get more students for my university/school?
  • Which channels are worth investing in for student recruitment?
  • Are there any fast ways to recruit students short term?
  • How can I get more insights about my current digital marketing results?
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