integrating WhatsApp

WhatsApp is still being read by our prospects – find out how to use it
for your student recruitment

WhatsApp is a great tool. Not to mention it’s still being read by our prospects. The question is, how to get the most out of it for your student recruitment?

Of course, we know schools and universities where the regional salesperson gives their own number to the prospects they are in contact with, but maybe that is not everyone’s cake. Some institutions prefer a central approach, having the communication transparent to everyone, or just do not like to give out private numbers. If you are one of those or have other reasons why you prefer not giving out a personal number, here is the what you can do:

  • Let prospects message you directly (click here to see how to integrate WhatsApp on your website)
  • Have templates for answering them
  • Send one message to all of your prospects with the same interest with one click
    Talk to our lecturer to find out more about our programme on the 23rd at 4 pm at <insert link> or a bit more “sales-ly” Only two places left for this course, let us know if we should keep one reserved for you!
  • Group your prospects accordingly
  • And very important – let them know that you won’t answer on the weekends ????
  • Or simply download our WhatsApp For Student Recruitment PDF

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