February is coming to an end, but not before we share with you some more updates from the digital marketing world. Tune in for Sunday Rundown #104 🙂

LinkedIn Shares New Guidance To Improve Your Sales Approach

LinkedIn has published a new guide to “deep sales”, and how to employ top tactics in order to maximise your sales opportunities this year.

“Deep sales” and “deep sellers” in this context are salespeople who adopt the most advanced methods to maximize their performance, including the use of AI and sales intelligence tools. 

“Deep sales is an approach that guides sellers to more successful outcomes, employing habits top performers instinctively know and do – focus your efforts where you have warm paths in, build relationships deep and wide, and deeply understand your buyer’s context to win more deals. The deep sales approach consists of 3 habits that are directly and quantifiably correlated to a higher chance of a seller being successful. In other words, we uncovered which activities help sellers dramatically increase their chances of exceeding their quotas.”

As explained by LinkedIn

The full report is a whopping 81-pages, so there’s a lot to take in. You can download the full overview here.

Google is killing Gmail’s basic HTML view (but not Gmail) in 2024

Another day, another Google product goes to the graveyard. The company is sunsetting Gmail’s basic HTML view, which allows users to look at their emails in a bare-bones state.

The company updated its support page to reflect that Gmail will automatically switch to the Standard view after the deadline date. Users on Hacker News posted that they got an email from Google signalling the end of the feature.

“We’re writing to let you know that the Gmail Basic HTML view for desktop web and mobile web will be disabled starting early January 2024. The Gmail Basic HTML views are previous versions of Gmail that were replaced by their modern successors 10+ years ago and do not include full Gmail feature functionality.”

Email sent from Google to Hacker News

Reddit in AI content licensing deal with Google

Social media platform Reddit has struck a deal with Google to make its content available for training the search engine giant’s artificial intelligence models, three people familiar with the matter said. The contract with Alphabet-owned Google is worth about $60 million per year, according to one of the sources.

The deal underscores how Reddit, which is preparing for a high-profile stock market launch, is seeking to generate new revenue amid fierce competition for advertising dollars from the likes of TikTok and Meta Platform’s Facebook.

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