September’s coming to an end but we’re getting closer and closer to that sweet 100. Tune in to today’s Sunday Rundown #95 to read what’s latest in the digital marketing world.

Meta Announces Conversations Business Messaging Event

With more social media interaction switching to DMs, Meta’s working to develop new messaging tools for businesses, in order to help them keep up with this latest behavioral shift. And if you’re looking to get a better understanding of your business messaging options, then this upcoming event is for you. Well, if you live in an Asian market, at least.

Around the world, messaging is deeply ingrained in daily life, driving trends that reverberate across business and culture. Tune into this live virtual keynote as Meta leadership launches a new era of messaging-driven commerce and communication. Join Managing Director of Meta India Sandhya Devanathan, VP Business Messaging Nikila Srinivasan, our product team, and inspiring business innovators for a first look at the next generation of tools fueling experiences, performance, and growth with the full power of business messaging.

– Meta

WhatsApp Channels Available Globally With Updated Features

Initially available in ten countries, Channels are now accessible in over 150 countries, providing a “private way to receive updates that matter to you,” according to Meta. The move aims to diversify the types of content that people can access directly within the app, including updates from organizations, sports teams, artists, and thought leaders.

The Channels feature is distinct from regular chat conversations on WhatsApp. It offers a secure environment where users can follow different channels without revealing their choices to other followers. The company emphasizes privacy, stating that admin’s and followers’ personal information will remain protected.

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