Well, would you look at that.. One more week down the calendar to make space for our ritualistic Sunday Rundown #93. Let us see together what has been happening in the digital marketing world.  

LinkedIn seems to be working on an AI ‘coach’ for job applications

LinkedIn appears to be developing a new AI tool that can help ease the effective robotic task of looking for and applying for jobs. According to a new leak, the Microsoft-owned company seems to have a new “LinkedIn Coach” assistant in testing that could support you through the application processes, teach you new skills, and help you network on your LinkedIn network.

The news comes from app researcher Nima Owji, who uncovers features from various developers that haven’t been deployed yet. In an email, LinkedIn spokesperson Amanda Purvis tells The Verge the company is “always exploring” new ways to improve user experience on the platform. Purvis adds that the company “will have more to share soon.”

Snapchat’s My AI goes rogue, posts to Stories, but Snap confirms it was just a glitch

Snapchat’s My AI feature, an in-app AI chatbot launched earlier this year with its fair share of controversy, briefly appeared to have a mind of its own. On Tuesday, the AI posted its own Story to the app and then stopped responding to users’ messages, which some Snapchat users found disconcerting.

Though the incident made for some great tweets (er, posts), we regret to inform you that My AI did not develop self-awareness and a desire to express itself through Snapchat Stories. Instead, the situation arose because of a technical outage, just as the bot explained. Snap confirmed the issue, which was quickly addressed was just a glitch.

Google Enhances Privacy Tools To Protect Personal Data

Google announced enhanced privacy control tools with new features designed to empower individuals to manage their personal data in Google search results.

In a notable extension of a tool launched last year, Google’s “Results about you” feature has been significantly enhanced. This utility allows users to solicit the removal of personal details such as phone numbers, addresses, or emails that might appear in search results.

In short, Google upgraded “Results about you” to allow users to track and remove personal contact details from Search results. Furthermore, SafeSearch blurring aims to protect families from explicit imagery. Lastly, users can now ask for the removal of personal explicit images from Search.

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