One of the most important processes for every educational institution is the admission process. But very few use effective strategies to make their admission process easy and smooth for applicants. In the age of technology, institutes that leverage sophisticated tools such as school management software and online admission systems have greater competitive advantages over others. Here are some tips for improving your admission process.

Simplify the process

The days of standing in long queues to collect and submit paper forms are long gone. Adopt a paperless application process and make the admission form easily accessible online. Give complete information about your study programmes, faculties, scholarships and other important information on your website. Set up a secure online payment system to enable applicants to pay the fees online. The admission process will be made incredibly simple with the use of good and reliable school management software.

Centralise the process

This is applicable to large academic institutions with multiple departments such as business, science, arts, and more. In such a case, there should be an inclusive application form, which should be available on the website’s main page. Applicants should visit the website and download the form easily.

Make the inquiry process accessible

You will receive hundreds of queries once you begin the admission process. Interested applicants will try to reach you using all available channels like email, phone, social media and other messaging platforms. While it is impossible to answer all queries if they are in the thousands or even hundreds, the trick is to ensure that the inquiry process is simple and accessible. Consider creating a section with frequently asked questions and a step-by-step guide for a seamless process.

Provide online and offline support

While filling up online forms, some applicants may require assistance. Offer both online and offline support to enable them to move on to the following steps. Use multiple channels such as email, phone and live chat support.

Keep your applicants engaged

After applicants submit their application forms and progress with the admission process, this is the perfect opportunity to keep them engaged and win their trust. Provide them with relevant content that will help them visualise their growth and progress at your institution. This content includes videos and photos of your teaching methodologies, achievements and awards your institution has received, testimonial videos, etc.

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