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YouTube started sharing ad money with Shorts creators

YouTube announced that creators can start making ad revenue on Shorts starting February 1st, following a promise from September that the monetization option was on its way. In detail, the change is coming as part of a broader update to YouTube’s Partner Program, which will require everyone who’s currently part of it to sign new agreement terms, whether or not they’re looking to make money from Shorts.

Twitter will continue to offer free API access to good bot accounts

In the latest example of Musk’s shoot first, ask questions later management style, Elon has seemingly reversed the unpopular decision to charge for all usage of Twitter’s API, at least in some applications.

Specifically, Twitter will continue to allow ‘bots providing good content’ to access Twitter’s API for free, which looked set to be one of the key losses of Twitter’s recent decision to paywall all API access.

Meta shut down its Cameo-like ‘Super’ app

Meta announced that it’s shutting down its Cameo-like app, Super, on February 15, 2023. The company says when it began developing Super in 2020, it had hoped to create a virtual meet-and-greet experience that was similar to what you experience at a real-life event like VidCon or Comic-Con.

What we found we’d created, however, was a much greater opportunity for creators and fans to connect in fun and exciting ways. We saw creators and fans raise funds for good causes, launch a new set of books, test drive new jokes for standup routines, and even play trivia against one another. It was amazing to see the joy and creativity in each new Super event. Sadly, however, the time has come for us to say goodbye. We hope you’ve enjoyed using Super as much as we enjoyed building it for you.

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