Any school’s digital marketing strategies are driven by data. Schools can receive insightful information from data reports and dashboards that will help them advance their marketing initiatives. Google Looker Studio is a fantastic option to take into consideration if your school is not already using a powerful CRM or if you are ready to go beyond what Google Analytics has to offer. Here are some Google Looker Studio tips for schools.

Gain valuable insights by analysing and transforming data

Being able to create reports and dashboards means more opportunities for data analysis. This means you can delve deeper into the data analysis process and obtain even greater insights that will help you build stronger marketing campaigns. By using Google Looker Studio, you can track data from your school’s website as well as your paid media performance, social media engagement, competitors’ growth, and more. Additionally, you can track performance metrics for your goals, which can help you improve and optimise your marketing efforts. By doing so, you can implement data-driven marketing and increase the likelihood of reaching your school’s goals.

Easily visualise data with digestible reports

The Google Looker Studio marketing dashboard has the amazing ability to present your data in a visually appealing and dynamic way that is super easy to create and also read. The reports you create can be used for both practical purposes, as well as for high-level presentations. In the end, the data you are working with is easily transformable into a variety of visual representations. This includes charts, geo maps, area and bubble graphs, pivot tables, and more.

Connect to your data

In contrast to other analytics tools, Google Looker Studio enables school marketers to link real-time data from more than 720 connectors and 1000 data sets. This implies that your data can be examined in real-time and updated on the spot to provide you with the insights you need at any time of day, helping you make faster and better marketing decisions.

You can connect data from sources like:

  • Databases, like BigQuery and MySQL
  • Google Marketing Platform products, like Google Ads and Google Analytics
  • Google consumer products, like Google Sheets and Google Search Console
  • Flat files, through CSV file uploads and Google Cloud Storage
  • Social media platforms, like Meta and Twitter
  • Blended data, by combining any of these sources

Share and collaborate on reports

When using data analytics, distributing data is a crucial function. With Google Looker Studio, you can easily and quickly invite other users to see and edit dashboards. Users can be managed, and access to your dashboard and reports can be restricted. Collaborators can use this to interact with and filter your data, view different date ranges, download reports, and more.

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