Are you planning your 2023 social media strategy, and want to understand the key trends that you need to incorporate and keep an eye on? To make it easy for you, we gathered and summed up the most talked-about and exciting predictions for social media trends for 2023.

Brand responsibility, transparency and authenticity

Social responsibility and brand authenticity are topics that have long been discussed. Brands are under increasing pressure to demonstrate how they are contributing to society and which ideology they support. Brands will have to work harder to base their social media image around high social standards. And brands taking a public stand on which values and behaviour they find acceptable will be a growing social media trend in 2023.

First steps into the metaverse

The metaverse will become more understood and integrated into our everyday social media consumption in 2023. Key trends include consumers experimenting with creating and using avatars, a focus on VR, AR, virtual stories and NFTs, and a format war between different metaverses.

Multi-sensory social media

Multi-sensory media is the integration of different formats such as audio, video, text and even fully-immersive environments. This helps to bring new and more engaging experiences to social media users. For example, Instagram introduced the option to add music to still images. Twitter added a podcast page, and Meta is of course heavily investing in the metaverse.

Super apps

Super apps combine various features from messaging, video and entertainment, to commerce and payment. This provides users with more engaging experiences as well as the simplicity of having many demands satisfied using a single platform. For example, TikTok has been adding multiple features that precisely replicate those of other social media apps.

Social media for customer service

Using social media as a direct line of communication with customers, and quickly responding to questions, complaints and requests is another trend we expect to see in 2023. It makes life easier for your customers, some social media platforms provide readily-available functionalities to simplify your customer service management, and it helps you grow your brand.

Short-form videos

Short-form videos are expected to experience the greatest growth in 2023. This marketing format has the highest ROI, in accordance with its data, and is the most effective. So keep prioritising video in 2023. Make sure to be active on the most popular social media platforms for short-form videos, like Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts.

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