Second to last Sunday Rundown of 2022! Buckle up, we got Sunday Rundown #76 ready for you 😉

YouTube will modify profanity rules

YouTube’s gaming community pushed back against the company after some creators saw their old videos demonetized out of the blue. The culprit is a new policy that the company introduced back in November in order to make certain kinds of content more advertiser-friendly. That change, made to YouTubes’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines, overhauled the platform’s approach to profanity and violence.

“In recent weeks we’ve heard from many creators regarding this update. That feedback is important to us and we are in the process of making some adjustments to this policy to address their concerns. We will follow up shortly with our creator community as soon as we have more to share.”

– YouTube spokesperson Michael Aciman

TikTok testing new option to help facilitate more brand deals

TikTok continues to develop new ways to facilitate band deals, and get creators paid, this time via a new element within its Creator Marketplace that will enable talent managers to assess the brand opportunities being offered to their clients. As reported by TechCrunch, TikTok’s adding a new ‘Talent Manager’ element to Creator marketplace, where agents and representatives will be able to oversee brand deals for their clients.

10 ways to boost customer satisfaction

Despite all the effort and money poured into CX tools by companies, customer satisfaction continues to decline. Companies need to create an amazing customer experience. Customers no longer only compare companies to their competitors. They compare with the best companies and brands across industries. What customer satisfaction areas should companies tackle strategically to create greater profit at lower risk?

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