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Meta adds Instagram audience targeting for Facebook and Instagram ads

This could be a very handy option for social media managers ā€“Ā Meta is currently rolling out the capacity to run ads on Facebook and InstagramĀ that target your Instagram followers.

As you can see in this image, shared by media buyerĀ Corey Henke, now, you can target your ads to people who follow your IG account within your campaign setup, giving you a whole new audience to consider in your promotional process.

Which might not sound like much – and it probably also sounds like something thatā€™s been available for some time. Right?

But it is not.

YouTube will send you a notification if your comment is abusive

Toxic and hateful comments on YouTube have been a constant headache for the company, creators and users. The company has previously attempted to curtail this by introducing features such as showing an alert to individualsĀ at the time of posting so that they could be more considerate. Now, the streaming service is introducing a new feature that will more aggressively nudge such individuals of their abusive comments and take broader actions.

YouTube says it will send a notification to people whose abusive comments have been removed for violatingĀ the platformā€™s rules. If despite receiving the notification a user continues to post abusive comments, the service will ban them from posting any more comments for 24 hours.Ā The company said it tested the feature before the rollout and found that notifications and timeouts proved materially successful.

Instagram is adding a BeReal clone

Instagram is announcing a suite of new features that could be big focuses for the company in 2023, including a BeReal clone called Candid Stories, the ability to post very short text ā€œNotes,ā€ and groups.

Candid Stories appear to mirror much of what has made BeReal popular. Youā€™ll be able to share an image that includes a snapshot from both your front and back cameras, and youā€™ll be able to take a candid from a daily notification reminder. Youā€™ll also be able to snap candids from the Stories camera or a multi-author Story.

Instagram confirmed it was testing this featureĀ earlier this year, and Candid Stories will launch first as a test in South Africa beginning Tuesday,Ā according toĀ The Wall Street Journal. If you just want to take a photo with the front and back cameras at the same time, you can already do that thanks to theĀ Dual feature Instagram announced in July.

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