Enjoy today with news from the digital world in our latest Sunday Rundown #73 🙂

YouTube is again copying Twitch

A long time ago, we got used to seeing functionalities that one service has cloned to another service. Now, YouTube tests a possibility with which, same as on Twitch, you can give someone a subscription. In this way, you can show even more support to your favourite YouTube channel, and also make a loved one happy with a subscription. Of course, the subscription will provide the user with extra content and functionalities.

This functionality is in beta and is not available through the mobile app. YouTube takes a modest 30% of the transaction… pure business.

Playing games on TikTok

Not entirely unexpected or illogical, TikTok is testing the ability to play games inside the app . A FarmVille-like game is already available for some users. The secret, i.e. the reason for such an opportunity is of course earnings. These games that are planned to be available aim to increase the possibilities of displaying ads within the application itself.

China’s version of TikTok, Douyin, has long had games, and Facebook and Netflix have made similar forays. Why not try TikTok too?

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