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YouTube Shorts have Google ads

Google has started showing ads in Shorts, as expected after a year-long trial. Advertisers will be able to link products to their campaigns and make their YouTube Shorts video ads more shoppable. However, the company says that currently, ads will not have a direct share of the revenue.

“​​Instead, we will continue to reward thousands of creators and artists monthly via the YouTube Shorts Fund while we develop a long-term model for creator monetization in Shorts.”

YouTube spokesperson

What is Instagram Sans?

Instagram has created its own font, called Instagram Sans, which it plans to use actively for both marketing and the app itself.

“Instagram Sans is inspired by the Instagram logo, and reflects the shape of the glyph and our commitment to simplicity and dexterity.” It is largely inspired by the combination of squares and circles, and is a mixture of perfect pixels with a few hand-crafted details.”


Instagram said it worked with linguists to make sure the font is usable in as many languages ​​as possible. The font gives a much more distinct identity and the company hopes that users will use it en masse on the most creative content like Stories and Reels.

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