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TikTok has launched 3D avatars

The accelerated migration to virtual worlds entails the creation of our digital representatives there. A large number of companies are trying to enter the race in time to prepare themselves and their services to take an active part. In that direction, TikTok launched a tool for creating 3D avatars.

Ahrefs invests in their own search engine “Yep”

The company Ahrefs, known to all those who have at least a bit of interest in SEO, invests $60 million in the development of its own Internet search engine. The battle to take at least a percentage of Google Search is probably one of the most difficult on the Internet, but Ahrefs’ approach and promises deserve attention.

Namely, the concept of the search engine itself puts the content creators in focus and says that even 90% of the earnings will go to the owners of the content that appears in the results themselves. They say that in such a scenario Wikipedia would not need to ask for donations and would be able to realistically pay all of its valuable volunteers. Additionally, they say there will be no personal tracking of users and no detailed targeting.

It seems too good to be true, but if we don’t hope and support initiatives like this we will never dislodge Google’s dominance.

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