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EU regulations for crypto-assets

The EU brings crypto-assets, crypto-assets issuers and crypto-asset service providers under a regulatory framework for the first time. This regulatory framework will protect investors and preserve financial stability while allowing innovation and fostering the attractiveness of the crypto-asset sector. This will bring more clarity to the European Union, as some member states already have national legislation for crypto-assets, but so far there had been no specific regulatory framework at the EU level.

Recent developments on this quickly evolving sector have confirmed the urgent need for an EU-wide regulation. MiCA will better protect Europeans who have invested in these assets, and prevent the misuse of crypto-assets, while being innovation-friendly to maintain the EU’s attractiveness. This landmark regulation will put an end to the crypto wild west and confirms the EU’s role as a standard-setter for digital topics.

– Bruno Le Maire, French Minister for the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty

Instagram Reels APIs

Meta has allowed access to Instagram Reels APIs for all users. What this means, is that developers can now use the API to schedule Reels and get interaction statistics on them. They can also publish Reels using the new API on Instagram business profiles. The API will also allow them to answer, hide and delete comments as well as enable or disable them altogether. Additionally, the developers can now find public Reels by hashtags or tagged with a specific user account. Again, the predictions that Reels are becoming a top priority for Instagram are becoming real.

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