Another day, another rundown, this time Sunday Rundown #61 🙂 Today we are keeping short but sweet so let us begin!

Coca-Cola replaces iconic logo with hopeful new year’s resolutions

Coca-Cola has removed its iconic logo from its packaging and has replaced it with a series of resolutions encouraging people to reflect on 2020 and look ahead to a better 2021. Open to better, the limited-edition campaign is already available in stores across the UK.

At Coca-Cola, we see the world through a glass half full lens, and that’s why, despite the challenges we’ve all faced, the new open to better campaign focuses on inspiring hope and optimism in 2021. By having positive messages replace the iconic logos and handing over Coca-Cola cans to consumers to personalize with their own #OpenToBetter pledges, we hope to in some small way help people to feel positive going into the new year and to bring a little fun into our every day lives.

Karen O’shea, Coca-Cola marketing manager

Top 7 social media trends in 2021 that every business needs to adopt

The only thing that is constant in pandemics is change – especially when it comes to social media platforms. The need to stay up to date with the latest trends in emerging now more than ever. But do not worry, our friends at EmbedSocial have prepared a great list with things to consider if you work with social media. Above all, analyze the trends and plan your next moves smart.

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