I am writing the first Sunday Rundown #56 of December and I am realising that there is less than a month until the end of 2020. So I am starting to miss the Best Top 10 hits on the radio that are constantly playing.

25 predictions for social media marketing in 2021

2020 is a year that many would rather forget. In amongst all this, the major social platforms have also rapidly evolved and shifted focus in order to meet rising demand and user needs during the pandemic.

That has accelerated many of their plans. For the most part, the new tools and options introduced were already in development. Social Media Today has put together a new collection of predictions for 2021. If you are working in social media, check the link to see what you should prepare for. And all going well, it looks set to be a year of growth and exciting developments.

Top 100 TikTok videos, creators and trends for 2020

This year was rough, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and no shortage of other tragedies. But one bright spot was the endless supply of funny, insane, inspirational and comforting videos on TikTok. The short-form video platform unveiled its picks for the top 100 TikTok videos, creators, trends and songs in the US, where it has about 100 million monthly active users.

Snapchat to give users share of $1m a day for most entertaining clips

The promise of viral fame has always been a lure for online content creators. But Snapchat hopes it has found a more immediate way of encouraging people to post pictures and videos. That is why they have announced a share of a daily $1m (£747,000) prize. The messaging app is to begin paying its users for their most viral snaps.

The new feature, called Spotlight, will be a major change to how Snapchat users find content on the platform. It also represents one of the most serious efforts yet on the part of a social media company to share revenue with all its users, rather than a narrow selection of the most famous creators.

Salesforce is acquiring workplace chat app Slack for $27.7 billion

Cloud computing giant Salesforce is acquiring workplace chat app Slack, the two companies announced on Tuesday. The deal, rumblings of which began surfacing last week, marks one of the most consequential acquisitions in the business software industry in recent years and Salesforce’s biggest purchase ever.

Salesforce is paying $27.7 billion for Slack, according to the press release. “Under the terms of the agreement, Slack shareholders will receive $26.79 in cash and 0.0776 shares of Salesforce common stock for each Slack share, representing an enterprise value of approximately $27.7 billion based on the closing price of Salesforce’s common stock on November 30, 2020,” the announcement reads.

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