In recent years, schools have realised how important it is to use webinars to recruit international students. Compared to student fairs, using webinars is a way to, not only save money but also effectively reach more students from all around the world. Here are some tips on how to create a successful student recruitment webinar.

Choose an attractive and relevant topic

It is really hard to get students to attend your webinar if your topic does not interest them. The topic is what will capture the attention of prospects so do not make it boring. Make the topic more interesting by adding the location of your programme, its benefits and importance.

Select the right speakers

When choosing the speakers for the webinar, make sure to select people that dominate all the information about your school and the programmes you offer. The speaker must be someone who feels comfortable speaking to an audience and must have the capacity of maintaining interest of the attendees. Finally, the speaker must have great presentation skills.

Take your time to prepare the presentation

Always remember there is a lot of competition out there and your school needs to show the best of the best. Prepare a presentation that takes your programme, location and your target audience into consideration. Use images and/or videos, talk about students’ experiences, the classes, location, campus life. Specifically, share unique and personalised information.

Take your target audience into consideration

When preparing your webinar, remember that you are creating the webinar for your prospects. So not taking things like cultural habits and timezones into consideration is a huge mistake. This student recruitment webinar will be your business card to them. Make your first impression count and make them feel special so they do not forget you.

Boost your student recruitment webinar

When you promote you promote your student recruitment webinar across all of your promotion channels, the results can be incredible. Do not be afraid of sending an invitation to your email database or inviting your Facebook and Twitter followers. At the end of the day, it is all about the success of the students recruitment webinar and the goal of recruiting students for your next intake!

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