The crisp air and colourful leaves are not the only hallmarks of fall’s arrival. This season’s fresh start is also marked by the prevalence of campus tours. Although virtual campus tours are now more popular than ever, it is still important to be marketing your school district within your campus tour.

Identify your audience

You cannot build an effective marketing strategy without knowing your target audience. Collect all the information you can about your district’s families, parents, children and the rest of the community. Create a profile of your audience with demographic information and personal input from the existing families at your school.

Organise design assets

Your design assets are the core of your marketing materials. Anything with your logo or letterhead printed on it should be uniformly coloured and designed. If your school needs an overhaul of design materials, it might be worth hiring a marketing professional or graphic designer to advise your communications team.

Conduct a brand survey

In order to understand how to move forward, it is important to understand exactly where you stand right now. This is where a survey can help you understand your school’s position in the marketplace. You can hire a marketing firm to complete the survey on your behalf. Alternatively, your communications team can put one together using one of the many free tools on the web. Once you have a grasp on how your school is perceived, you can identify weaknesses and ways to redirect your brand for improved reception in your community.

Identify key events

Events throughout your community present an opportunity for outreach. Connect to local businesses, art institutions and civic organisations to tap into a new network of potential families and students. You want to establish a presence in your community and become a recognisable entity.

Try new things

Lastly, get outside your comfort zone or status quo. There are a number of outlets for marketing your school. Email marketing with newsletters and a subscriber list is an excellent way to directly reach your audience. Social media is another great opportunity. Use the many marketing channels available to you to celebrate your school community.

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