With the coronavirus having moved the higher education world almost entirely online, universities and colleges alike are finding themselves having to continuously adjust to the ever-changing landscape. One of the most fundamental areas that have rapidly changed amidst the coronavirus pandemic is digital student recruitment.

Here are some tips on how to improve your digital student recruitment amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Shift your marketing budget to digital

With the world practising social distancing, many recruiting events for 2020 have been postponed or cancelled. To explain, now is the time to examine your marketing budget and make the necessary adjustments. Additionally, look to increase efforts on any activities that will mitigate or offset the impact of Covid-19 on future recruitment and implement digital marketing to replace physical activities where available.

Enhance your email marketing and digital communications

As physical contact is not advised, email marketing is a great opportunity for direct access to prospective students and their families. Kickstart your email database by offering website visitors a useful education “freebie” or download, such as an essential college checklist. From there, deliver a simple series of email that introduce prospective students to your university.

Connect and be active on social media

While email is great for communicating important information, social media is where prospects like to spend their time. Instagram is a great place to engage, share alumni stories and provide valuable tips. Stay consistent with your posts and make sure to reply to all the messages and comments.

Create virtual experiences

While some students cannot travel to campuses at the moment, many universities are hosting virtual tours. Virtual tours can be a great tool for introducing prospects to your school, the majors, as well as any internship and research opportunities at your school. The interactive online event involves faculty and staff, so students can better understand the programs and options available to them.

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