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5 reasons why Snapchat

If you are a brand or work for a brand and are looking for a new platform where you can attract Gen Z’s attention, here are 5 reasons why Snapchat would be the choice for it:

  • Snapchatters are different
  • Performance or brand building – why not both? 
  • The immersive experience 
  • UGC does not have to compromise brand safety 
  • Authenticity and diversity

Gen Z have a much higher recall of skippable videos than previous generations. They’re much more immersed in these experiences because the way they are exposed to ads has to be different.

Maria Milenkova from Starling Bank UK

YouTube is replacing TV

Daily life has changed drastically this year. With restrictions on everything from mass gatherings to dining, exercising, shopping, and travel, we’ve all been forced to improvise our routines and the ways we pursue our interests.

When it comes to online video specifically, we have seen viewership of YouTube on TV screens become a staple of everyday life. Likely a reflection of more time spent at home, people have been turning to the big screen to fulfill their needs, explore their passions, and take part in mainstream cultural trends.

As the weeks spent in lockdown have rolled by, people continue to visit YouTube to soothe their anxious minds, directly from the living room. TV screen watch time of videos related to well-being, including yoga, fitness, and meditation, have increased more than 180% from July 2019 to July 2020.

Pros and cons of Instagram Reels

Reels or TikTok? Wondering if creating Instagram Reels could work better than Instagram Stories or TikTok?

Instagram Reels offers a new way to share short video clips of up to 15 seconds inside the Instagram app. If your audience is in the right demographic to know about Reels and be avid viewers, you should consider this placement to reach new audiences, particularly if video has historically performed well for you on other placements on Instagram.

Is office culture disappearing?

For months now we have been working remotely in most parts of advertising and media. Has the new way of functioning and remote work vanquish office culture?

There is a lot of research about how this work philosophy influences the quality of work. Without a strong connection between the employees and their shared cause in working, is everything becoming goalless?

Instagram is not planning to charge a fee to put links in caption

Despite what a recent patent application suggests, Instagram says it has no plans to add links to photo captions. Instagram parent company Facebook first submitted the patent application back in 2016, which shows a pop-up appearing when the user adds a URL to a caption, asking if the user wants to pay $2 to make the link live. But paid links won’t appear in Instagram captions any time soon, a company spokesperson says.

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