We come back to you with Sunday Rundown #43 full of interesting news from the digital world. Sit back, grab a drink and enjoy!

Inside TikTok’s algorithm

And while we wait for Trump to decide on the date when we find out what TikTok’s future will be, ByteDance created a virtual centre for transparency and explained the way the For You page works to a group of journalists.

Eventually the transparency center will be a physical location that invited guests can visit, likely both in Los Angeles and in Washington, DC. The tour will include some novel hands-on activities, such as using the company’s moderation software, called Task Crowdsourcing System, to evaluate dummy posts. Some visitors will also be able to examine the app’s source code directly, TikTok says.

LinkedIn with 3 new features to company pages

New features being added to LinkedIn pages aim to strengthen the connection between businesses and their communities. The updates are designed to help page admins connect their employees, highlight upcoming events, and gain new insight about their followers.

  • See all your followers
  • ‘My Company’ tab
  • ‘Events’ tab

Is the web getting slower?

A story on Hacker News recently argued that webpage speeds have not improved, even as internet speeds have gone up. This article explains why that conclusion cannot be drawn from the original data.

Websites today run more code and are multiple times larger than websites 10 years ago. Still, I don’t think the mobile web – as experienced by users – has become slower overall. At the same time, a lot more people now experience the mobile web. This will drag down the overall experience people have with web performance.


The organiser of the Summer Olympics 2028, Los Angeles, has chosen an interesting approach regarding the logo. They decided, as part of their design team, to include athletes and celebrities from LA that are not designers.

Every one of them, including Michael Jonson and Billie Eilish and many others, designed the A in LA with their own story in mind, personal and LA-related. I personally liked the concept, not so much the designs.

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