Schools today require a marketing plan to market to a savvier consumer. These prospective families have a long list of things that they are looking for in a school for their children, want to get an excellent education at an affordable price, and they want the best, Schools are facing a competitive marketplace, but many of them are faltering when it comes to marketing.

So, how does your private school get noticed and where do you need to be focusing your marketing efforts? Here are some ways to market your private school.

Evaluate and optimise your website

Create a responsive website where prospective families and students can find what they are looking for. Make sure your school’s name, location, grades served and application instructions are front and centre of your website, along with your contact information. The application process should be outlined with easy-to-find dates and deadlines.

Develop a robust social media plan

It is not enough to have a website with great content. You need to share your content and social media is the perfect place for it. Find where your target audience is on a daily basis and how you are going to interact with them. Determining your main target audience is key. And make sure you are consistent!

Limit print advertising

Print advertising is expensive and not always the most effective use of your money. Reallocate that money to inbound marketing strategies that will help you reach your target audience. The benefit of digital advertising is instant conversions. When you can make a digital ad that leads the user right to the inquiry form where you get their contact information, that is an ideal interaction. Print advertising requires the reader to move from their current media form to another one and search for you.

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