It is easy to dismiss social media as a fascination of young people but to do so minimizes one of the fastest growing trends in technology that schools can use to their advantage. Additionally, the online presence for many schools has moved beyond the school website. In detail, it includes having a Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube and blogs.

Building relationships

Creating relationships is important for leaders and social media is a very effective way to build support among your stakeholders.

Include the parents

Parents often come from a different generation, one that wants to work differently and to be involved in the educational process. Social media is a way to engage them in the life of your school.

People are already talking

Do some browsing on the Internet. Chances are, people are already commenting about your school and your leadership.

Listen and share

The principal is responsible for maintaining the school’s image. Use social media to interact with parents and the community. Use it to both hear from them and to share information. It can provide a way to detect rumours and allow you to respond quickly.

You will be well received

An active online presence brings a positive perspective to parents, students, prospects and collaborators.

Build a community

People commit to things they care about. Social media promotes community by inviting people to be part of the conversation.

Social media is here to stay

While social media platforms may change, it is evident that social media is here to stay. It is a tool that helps schools stay connected to their community.

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