Coming back at it with Sunday Rundown #26 🙂 Get ready for some great news and updates!

Website accessibility has never been more important

Now, more than ever, we need to focus on website accessibility. I know that most of the companies try to make their services available online as fast as possible and that is perfectly fine, but just put yourself in the shoes of your users and take a look at their experience. That experience will determine whether or not they will go back to their old habits after the pandemic or if they will continue using online services.

Twitter is growing but is that enough?

During this time, Twitter has had its biggest YoY growth under the influence of the global pandemic. But Twitter, as well as other platforms, have been experience sudden advertising decline, also caused by the pandemic. Their ad revenue is significantly less in comparison to the same time last year. Let us see if Twitter will hold onto the trend of active users after the pandemic and if their ad revenue comes back fast.

World under control

We already talked about the efforts that different governments are making to decrease the spread of COVID-19 with the help of mobile apps that will track our movement. Google and Apple already released the first version of their joint platform on which other applications can get “hooked”. Here is another overview of how the world is doing, this time from Bloomberg – апликации, па во таа насока еве уште еден преглед на состојбата низ светот, овој пат преку текст на Bloomberg – The World Embraces Contact-Tracing Technology to Fight Covid-19

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