Today we are not as much focused on the coronavirus although we have to mention it. We gathered some interesting links for you so get ready for Sunday Rundown #25 🙂

Marketing 101 with Burger King

With everyone stuck at home, we see a lot of useless out-of-home ads. But who is here to tell them how to properly do it if not Burger King? They found, yet again, a way to be marketing-relevant by inviting people to use billboard images of the brand as their background in their video calls. In return, Burger King offers them a buy-one-get-one code for a Whopper. Who does not want a free Whopper?

In order to partake, fans have to download one of the billboard images from Burger King’s Twitter profile. After they share a screenshot on Twitter with the hashtag #HomeOfTheBillboards, Burger King sends them a DM with a code that they can use on their app.

Hangouts disguised as Meet disguised as Zoom?

Google announced that Google Meet (previously known as Hangouts) is now a free service for video conference calls. Anyone who has a Google account can use Google Meet with a maximum of 100 people. The meetings can currently last an unlimited time although there is a possibility to be limited to 60 minutes.

Meetings on Google Meet will not function with clicking a link but by logging in to it. They hope that this will be less likely to cause security issues, unlike with Zoom. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve tested it yet.

Levi’s Doubles Its Product Views After TikTok Influencer Activation

Due to mandated business closures amid the coronavirus pandemic, retailers are leveraging social commerce to reach consumers stuck at home. Levi’s is one of those brands—with its physical stores temporarily shuttered, it recently utilized TikTok’s “Shop Now” program to connect with Gen Z shoppers via TikTok influencers.

Calling on its Future Finish 3-D denim customization technology, Levi’s enlisted four TikTok influencers to personalize their denim before the coronavirus outbreak. Appearing as in-feed ads, the creators’ videos were posted during the week of April 13. TikTok users had until April 19 to click on the ads’ “Shop Now” button, which would direct them to a page on where they could buy the designs shown in the video. 

In a company post, Levi’s reported that watch time for these influencer videos is twice as long as the platform average on TikTok. Product views to’s “Future Finish” pages have also more than doubled for every product included in the videos, according to the same post.

Instagram made some changes to IGTV

We know that the videos on IGTV can last up to a maximum of 10 minutes but that has recently been upgraded x6! Yes.. 60 minutes! But this only applies for profiles that are verified or have a lot of followers. It is interesting to also note that the file size can go up do 5.4 GB but the format has to be mp4.

Bonus links

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