We are back on track with your regular Sunday Rundown #21. Today we talk about the coronavirus and share some interesting links about design. Scroll on through and read on.

The power of social media in the midst of a crisis

Our headliner for Sunday Rundown #21 is about the coronavirus and social media.

The coronavirus has proved to be the biggest catastrophe for our generation so far. It has led to an economic collapse and crisis in the public health sector. And while everyone is advising us to stay at home and not gather in large groups, the question arises, how do we act as a community and practice the cultural values that hold us together?

The misinformation about the coronavirus has become an infodemic of its own. People blame social media for its spreading and they have every right to do so. But there is another side to the story – a side that shows the true support social media can give. Not only has it been a valuable tool in getting important information, but it is also a connecting factor for many communities across the world. Especially when we are not able to do so in real life.

Social media has helped us keep and protect the community spirit in times of social distancing. This, and only this, can help us be an inspiration and support to one another and spread positivity and kindness – values that hold us together.

Who would have thought that the tech industry is susceptible to the coronavirus?

Just as the coronavirus started reshaping American life, the big tech companies have reacted positively to the situation unexpectedly fast. All of a sudden, the most “hated” social media platforms Facebook and Twitter started promoting reliable information from the CDC and WHO.

In the last few weeks, we have seen more and more tech companies reallocating their resources towards doing good in the battle against the coronavirus. In the peak of this dramatic change, the news about these companies has become a bright spot. Journalists are questions whether their reporting, which in the last three and a half years has been about judging these companies’ work, has come to an end.

One thing is certain – the tech giants have changed the public’s opinion. Next time there is a survey in the US we might even see that Americans have started trusting these companies. Still, one thing remains – whether or not this change will affect the many open investigations regarding privacy and other issues.

Ryan Reynolds will donate 30% of Aviation Gin profits to out-of-work bartenders

Here is some more positive news regarding the battle against the coronavirus. On Tuesday actor Ryan Reynolds tweeted that he and his company Aviation Gin will donate 30% of its profits to the United States Bartender’s Guild as part of their “Tip Your Bartenders” programme.

Ryan Reynolds on Twitter

Yes, we know, there is news like this one every day but this is Ryan and the brand that has some of the best campaigns the past few months. We had to mention it.

A lot has changed in the world of design as a result of the coronavirus pandemic

With all this time spent at home, it is no wonder that creativity is blooming all over the world. It is also not surprising the fact that many of the new projects we see are related to the coronavirus. Despite the world going through a hard time, artists and designers send strong messages of hope and unity.

Such a project is the redesign of renowned logos by graphics designer Jure Tovrljan, who playing with spaces, images and brand names has created very intriguing and thought-provoking designs.

Meet the new dribbble.com

For the past decade, Dribbble’s interface has been focused on putting the designers’ portfolio first: a minimalistic interface that did not chase after trends but only showed them as they came and went.

But for the last few years, the team at Dribbble felt they lack aesthetics. That is why the new design of Dribbble is made to showcase the designers’ creativity in the front row while also maintaining visual harmony.

Slack got a redesign as well

Slack has also redesigned its interface and has added new options with the goal of making the platform more simple and organised for its users. The redesign includes a new navigation menu, folders for organising conversations, etc.

Bonus links

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