This week on Sunday Rundown #20 we dug a little deeper into the web and found whole lotta news. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

Sh*tposting > Fikfoks

TikTok influencers have been massively using the term “fikfoks” aka fake tiktoks. But this is not fake content or accounts… On the contrary, fikfoks are parallel accounts of celebrities on which they post more personal and private content and, and… shitposting! They “stole” the term from Instagram but it’s not quite the same. Hmmm…

While we are talking about TikTok, here is another quick news. If you have not set up screen time for your child, you do not have that option or you have simply forgotten it exists… TikTok now has the setting in its app. They are aware of how addicting the platform is so they decided to react fast. Smart.

Handling misinformation

There is not one Sunday Rundown that we write and do not include a link about the big players battling fake news. The past few weeks Twitter published a plan for handling misinformation (not fight it) regarding the US Election, while Instagram is trying to provide truthful information to all users clicking the hashtag #Coronavirus.

Bloomberg’s Sponcon Memelords

And while fake news can closely be related to anything and everything, politics being the headline, American politicians prove once more that they are the best marketers and we can learn from them. Bloomberg found a way around the policy for checking and approving ads during the US Election. To do that, he arranged hundreds of influencers to show their support for him on social media, including using memes. Facebook says: we do not plan to interfere…

Preloader design tips and inspiration

Who wants to wait for a website to load? Probably nobody but sometimes your website might need time to load the whole content. So while you wait, you can enjoy. Here are a few design tips and inspirations that hold our attention while the content loads. It will come in hand for when you want to ensure a completely unique experience to your visitors and annoy them less.

Hacked Website Threat Report – 2019

Having a secure website is really important. What is interesting is the yearly report by Sucuri, a company that keeps websites secure. In the report, they list the most common tactics and techniques within compromised web environments. It is worth taking a look at it, not just to know what we need to do to protect ourselves but to also understand what motivates “hackers” to come after our websites.

YouTube Gaming

We talked about this in the last Sunday Rundown #19 that YouTube is trying to take a piece of Twitch’s cookie in order to have more gaming content on their platform. But data says something else. To explain, most of the popular gaming channels on YouTube do not even have content similar to that on Twitch. The first ones, on YouTube, have suspicious content that shows hacks, cheats, etc.

Social media for a happier and longer life

Lat news on our Sunday Rundown #20. A new trend in apps that aim to connect us with friends is on the rise. What is different from the ones that already exist and have a negative influence on our wellbeing, these new ones collaborate with experts and their goal is to make you feel good while using the app. One example is the app Ikaria which was made by one of the creators of Secret. Does anyone remember that service? It did not end well :(. Nevertheless, we need to follow this trend.

Bonus links

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