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Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are trying to stop the spreading of misinformation about the coronavirus

Facebook said it would remove fake news and conspiracy theories about the coronavirus to keep users safe. The policy also applies to Instagram and it includes misinformation about fake cures and prevention methods. Furthermore, Instagram hashtags used for spreading misinformation will be blocked.

There are over 15 million tweets about the coronavirus and the number just keeps going higher. Twitter said they have not seen “planned spreading of misinformation” but will still allocate resources to ensure its users that trends and searches are protected.

Google updated its mobile-first indexing BPDs

The document exists to help website owners provide the best possible user experience to their visitors, no matter if they are viewing the website from a mobile phone or a desktop computer. Besides the new information on mobile-first indexing, the document includes new information about using pictures and videos, m-dot URLs and troubleshooting.

Meet the new generation Omega

Jordan Hall is a writer on Medium who, back in 2014, wrote a great article about the new generation Omega. He says generation Omega is people who do not remember anything before 9/11. In detail, people from this generation grow up in an interactive environment with YouTube and Minecraft and expect to have a big influence in their world. Hall points out many details which are quite interesting to read.

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