Here we are again, in the cold and gloomy December… well, that depends, maybe you are somewhere warm and sunny. 😀 It is time for Sunday Rundown #14!

Transfer Service makes it easier to move data to Google Cloud

This week Google released a new service for enterprises that want to transfer data from their on-premise systems to the cloud. In detail, the service is meant for large-scale transfers. This means billions of files and petabytes of data.

Transfer Service handles all of the hard work of validating your data’s integrity as it moves to the cloud. Therefore, the agent automatically handles failures and uses as much available bandwidth as it can to reduce transfer times. As all of Google’s recent products, the focus here is on the big spenders – corporations.

New “Group Stories” option from Instagram

Something similar already exists on Facebook for over a year and now we have it on Instagram. The new “Group Stories” option allows users and their friends to create stories within a group conversation. The option is linked to the group chat making for another way of interacting and engaging with people.

Instagram hopes that by providing more similar tools, it will be able to maximise interest in group messaging, and boost engagement. Surely, having the capacity to create your own, private stories with friends will have a level of appeal.

It is not clear if the option is being rolled out to all users as yet.

UK General Election 2019: The state of political parties on social media and how young people are using TikTok to get political

The political parties on social media

This week was the UK General Election. We Are Social wrote a very interesting article about how the political parties appear on social media just hours before voting started.

From what I read in their article and from what the results turned out, everything they wrote is pretty spot-on. In particular, it is riveting to see the parallel between the presence of the political parties on social media and the results. I genuinely recommend to first read the article and then check the results, if you have not.

Young people on TikTok during the election

Young people in the UK have used TikTok to its maximum capacity during the election to push their message, challenge what political candidates have been saying or doing, and make their own statements. This is yet another interesting article, this time from Dazed, that I also recommend reading it.

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