So it is the end of the week… The perfect time for a recap of everything that has been happening in the digital world the past week. Here is Sunday Rundown #7!

LinkedIn Events: A new tool for in-person professional gatherings

The first news on Sunday Rundown #7 is our headliner. LinkedIn Events is a tool that enables members to create and be part of in-person professional gatherings, to invite their connections, manage events, connect with other attendees, and maintain communication after the event ends. At this moment Events is a free tool to use and is available for all users across the world. Do you see an opportunity for yourself or your company to use it?

Google is improving the search results

Google has made changes to its search algorithm that will affect the search results. This means that we will be getting better (more relevant) search results because Google now has better understanding of how words are connected to each other in a given sentence. Basically, Google now recognizes context. The changes rolled out mid-week and will affect about 10% of the search queries in English made in the USA. The rest of the languages and countries will be addressed step by step.

Facebook is testing ads in the Groups tab

Another example of Facebook taking advantage of every possible opportunity to increase its ad capacity. Facebook is testing ads in the Groups tab where the user sees content from all of the groups that he is part of. With groups being the focus this year, the chances of these ads gaining visibility and traction is much higher, compared to ads in News Feed.

Instagram is testing new ‘Invites’ sticker for Story

We continue with more tests. This new sticker allows you to create events and add details, such as the name, date and location, which you later publish on Instagram Story as a ‘Invites’ sticker. Viewers can directly RSVP from the sticker, offering yet another way of increasing interest and sharing exclusive events. And this does not apply only to events. For example, you can use the sticker to promote product launches, live Q&As, webinars, etc.

Adidas admits, they over-invested in digital and performance marketing

The last news on our Sunday Rundown #7 is about Adidas. Adidas wants to make a change from efficient marketing to effective marketing and it admits that the focus on ROI lead them to over-invest in digital and performance marketing, on account of brand building. Simon Peel, who is the Global Media Director for Adidas, gave a pretty insightful presentation during EffWeek2019 that I suggest you watch.

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