I am guessing that you have installed the required Google Analytics tracking code on your website. You might already be perusing the monthly totals for visits, session duration, and bounce rate. You basically have an idea which pages are most popular with your visitors. However, without the right conversion goals, you do not really know which pages lead to a prospect requesting more information or even more importantly, applying and becoming a student at your school.

Setting small and large conversion goals

Your goals depend on the type of landing page they apply to. For example, for an admissions page, it would likely be an application submission. By contrast, a request for a course catalog may be more appropriate for a programme page. It is important to set both small and large conversion goals. After all, little successes often lead to bigger ones. This is particularly applicable for Higher Ed as the application process has so many stages and each suggests an increased level of commitment.

Consider setting up conversion goals for:

  • Requests for course catalogs
  • PDF downloads
  • Emails to the Admissions Office
  • Applications
  • Virtual tour views/Requests for campus tours
  • Video views

PPC and conversion goals

If you spend your budget on PPC and do not have the proper conversion goals in place, you are wasting money. The information you gain from the smaller conversions can help you direct prospects through the conversion funnel and eventually, to an application. But only by setting and tracking the right conversion goals for your school. Do not let your leads evaporate into thin air.

What about remarketing?

The enrollment funnel in Higher Ed is longer than that of normal sales funnels. This gives students ample opportunity to leave. And that can happen because of many different reasons. This is where remarketing comes in handy. Remarketing keeps your ads in the front row and your school in the consciousness of the prospect.

How does it work?

The student’s initial visit generates a cookie that triggers your ad after they have left your school’s website. Your ad may appear once again when they visit similar or competing websites. Conversion rates are generally much higher for these types of ads as the prospect has already expressed some kind of interest in your school.


At faethe.marketing we have been helping schools to effectively get more students. Setting up the right conversion goals plays a big role in recruiting more students for your school. So if you are looking to recruit the best matching students for your programmes with minimal cost and effort, feel free to reach out to us.