Here we go again… Time for Sunday Rundown #4!

Pinterest adds new shopping ads

Excitedly, the first news in our Sunday Rundown #4 is about Pinterest. Even though this is the first time we write about Pinterest, its efforts to get into the shopping habits of its users must be followed. In its latest update they announced that they are adding Shop the Look ads, expanding the shopping ads to more markets, and they are also redesigning the look of business pages. Are you using Pinterest and if yes, what for? 🙂

Google will prioritize original content

We know that Google loves original content, but there is an update from September that we missed. In that update Google announced that when it comes to news, the first ones to get indexed will get the chance to be in the top search results longer on account of the newer texts on the same topic. That means that sources that generally rank well on Google or have a newer version of the same story can expect less visitors.

Facebook expands “Click to Message” CTA to Stories

With Stories gaining momentum, Facebook rolled out an expansion of its “Send Message” CTA to include Stories ads across Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. The option will enable businesses to drive direct conversations from their Stories ads. They can do that with a “Swipe up” prompt that will take them through to a Messenger conversation. This means that the user will not have to leave the app that they are in. With more people looking to get a more personal brand experience via messaging, it makes sense to consider your options to link people through to your business.

Instagram Clickbait 2.0

The last news on our Sunday Rundown #4 is about Instagram. eConsultancy published an interesting text with super useful links asking Is Instagram’s popularity giving rise to Clickbait 2.0? With the ongoing testing of hiding like counts, the views are the new clicks on Instagram. This means that there is no need for a catchy copy, no need to redirect your audience outside of Instagram because the key is the number of views. On the other hand this means that the risk of getting banned from the platform is bigger. The analysis in this text is great and we recommend you to read it. We will keep a close eye on further development.

Bonus links

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