Google is undoubtedly the biggest traffic source for nearly all websites. Each year high school students use the search engine to begin the hunt for the perfect college. The first page of the search results is greatly envied on the web, and an important place for your school, too. That is why we have prepared some Google AdWords tips for your school.

The competition for higher education keywords can be overwhelming. But ranking on the first page of the search results can be crucial for prospects to find your school. Of course, every website is different, just like every school’s budget is different. So if you want to increase the website traffic for your school with Google AdWords, follow these 5 tips to get the most clicks for your money.

Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases that people search for. For example, “interior design programs in Germany”. Short-tail keywords, such as “interior design” or “college application”, will generate more volume but are typically less qualified. With Google AdWords, you have the opportunity to rank for both keyword types, but short-tail keywords will almost always be more expensive. Opt for long-tail keywords that will get you qualified traffic.

Negative keywords

Using negative keywords is very important. They help you filter out keywords that bring unqualified traffic to your website. For example, if you want the phrase “interior design programs in Germany” but find that you are getting visitors who are searching “interior design jobs in Germany”, you can filter out the word “job”. By adding negative keywords you are making sure that you are not paying for clicks from people searching for jobs.

Keyword optimisation

Keyword optimisation is researching, analysing and selecting the best target keywords to drive qualified traffic from your search engines to your website. Make sure you are always testing keywords to determine which ones bring you the best traffic. This means getting rid of bad keywords, identifying negative keywords and keeping an eye out for new ones.

Organic content

Paid search is not a replacement for organic search. You need to be making organic content that is easy for prospects to find and that answers their questions. Keywords are an integral part of any strategy. Combine them with quality organic content that is regularly updated and your website will climb its way up the search rankings.

Landing pages

Do not send every visitor to your home page. Instead, build a dedicated landing page that offers a quick overview of your school. Make sure to also include an opportunity to get more information by chatting with a counsellor, signing up for an e-mail newsletter, or by following you on social media. This will help you increase conversions.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog post on 5 Google AdWords tips for your school. If you are looking to recruit the best matching students for your programmes with minimal cost and effort, feel free to reach out to us.