Today we ( are coming to you with an idea we had to spruce up the content on this blog. In order to do so, we have planned two regular content updates. One is a blog post every two weeks about an area of expertise that we are really passionate about. The other one is having weekly updates from the digital marketing world in a form of “Sunday Rundown”

The plan is to have a short overview of what has been happening throughout the week. We plan to share links and write a few sentences about each of them. That way we will continue sharing the most important news from the industry. And that will be beneficial for both you and us. The topics we plan to include cover social media, performance marketing, SEO and SEM, UX and UI, services and apps. 

Evolving “nofollow”, Google adds two new link attributes

The first on our Sunday Rundown list of news is about Google. Google has decided, after almost 15 years, to add two new link attributes. Until now, there was only “nofollow” which marked ads, spam comments and other links Google wanted to separate when analysing the content of each website. Because the internet today is not the same as it was back in 2005, they finally added two new attributes which webmasters or administrators can use. 

We are talking about rel=”sponsored” and rel=”ugc”. If you are not familiar with the term, “ugs” means “user generated content”. Of course there are already a lot of discussions around this subject, and everyone has their opinion about it. As always, we will have to wait and see what all of this means and what will be the best practises. 

Europe is not a fan of the Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency 

While Facebook has talked about the broad potential of its coming payment option, many countries have been signalling total bans of the cryptocurrency before it even makes it to the next stage. This week, the French economy and finance minister Bruno Le Maire said that they will not authorise the development of Libra on European soil, as it poses a threat to “monetary sovereignty”. 

Officials from 26 central banks will meet with the representatives of Libra in Basel tomorrow. Libra’s founders have also been requested to answer key questions about the currency’s scope and design.

Instagram “private” accounts are not really private

According to a report by BuzzFeed, the privacy of both Instagram and Facebook is, again, a hot topic. In the report, thanks to a quick workaround, people can access content posted on (supposedly) private accounts. Just by having a basic understanding of browsers and HTML, it is possible to access a public URL. This is a URL that can be shared not just with those who do not follow a private user, but even with people who are not logged in to Instagram

This “privacy loophole” allows people to view JPEGs and MP4s from private feeds, which they can then share and publish elsewhere, or even download. And it works on private content uploaded to Facebook, as well! 

Put out a call for help through LinkedIn’s “Find an Expert” 

The last news on our first Sunday Rundown list is about LinkedIn. LinkedIn is adding another element to its new services listings for profiles, this time to connect users with relevant freelancers and SMBs. The new “Find an Expert” post option enables users to fill in relevant fields to put out a call for help from experts. Interested providers can click through for more details. This will (ideally) filter your responses down to more relevant providers for each. 

This tool could be a great way to maximise your opportunities on the platform, and connect with relevant specialists. 

Bonus links

Thanks for taking the time to read our Sunday Rundown #1. If you have a story that you see fit (and useful) for this series, reply to us below. 

See you next Sunday! 🙂