Hey! It has been a while, but we are back! Here are the latest news and updates nicely compiled for you to enjoy in our Sunday Rundown #68 🙂

Feedlink – new tool for creators

Looking to make it easy for followers to find more information about your product? Well, apparently Feedlink is just what you need. It is a tool that generates a clickable URL for your bio on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok profiles. That way, you get a custom landing page where followers can easily explore all of your important links in one place, without having to search through your posts or captions.

Twitter’s ‘Campaign Planner’

After testing it over the past six months, Twitter has announced the official launch of its new ‘Campaign Planner’ platform to assist with your Twitter ads strategy. Campaign Planner enables Twitter advertisers to forecast their campaign results before launching them on the platform, via a range of estimation tools based on your entered variables.

Throughout the coming months, we will be expanding campaign planner to support more objectives and in more markets, and enable plan comparison to help evaluate the best campaign settings for your goals.


Apple’s AR/VR headset is coming in January 2023

The long-awaited Apple headset that will offer a whole new virtual experience is finally coming in January next year. Apple analyst Ming-Chu Kuo says that the headset is “the most complicated product Apple has ever designed” but that its release could help fuel “rapid growth” in the market for head-mounted displays. The headset will reportedly have a processor with a similar amount of processing power to M1 chips found in recent Macs. Cool, cool, cool.

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